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AgFest Supporters Needed!

For over ten years, AgFest has reached over 13,000 fifth and sixth-grade students and 600 teachers and adult educators in the eastern counties of Colorado, focusing on the STEM aspects behind the production of our food, fiber, and natural resources. During this time, we have been striving to make improvements and upgrades to the program.

            In 2017, AgFest made its first presentation to the children who serve along with their parents in our military. During spring break in March, the AgFest program was included as part of the week’s activities at the R. P. Lee Youth Center at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs for youth from Peterson SFB and Schriever SFB. This year we will be including youth from the United States Air Force Academy.

            This year we have been invited to present AgFest at the new CSU SPUR facilities on the National Western complex. We hope to include youth from the Denver metro area.

One of the greatest attributes of the AgFest program is it is free to schools and youth groups. To achieve this, we need funding from various sources. A typical budget for the ten days of presentations is over $10,000. Our expenses never include any salary. Much of the budget is used to cover travel expenses such as lodging, meals, and mileage for presenters as we move through ten different locations from Holyoke to Lamar, to Trinidad reaching students from seventeen eastern Colorado counties.

            We hope that you are keeping the AgFest program in your philanthropic plans. We are currently entering the planning period for 2023 and our 13th year of the AgFest program. Check out photos from past tours @ We look forward to your continued support of a great agricultural education program. If you have any questions, please contact me at (719) 743-2542 or or Scott Stinnett at (719) 346-5571 or

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