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General Forms Information:

  • Requests for 4-H Agent signatures or recommendation letters must be received a minimum of two weeks before the application deadline. A completed application must accompany all requests and resumes are encouraged as well.
  • Late, incomplete, or illegible forms will not be accepted or considered.
  • Check all forms or contact the office for deadlines.
  • *Download a copy and save a copy of the form before beginning to enter information into any form to ensure that your entries are saved. 
  • Tips for Successful Completion of Forms

General or Other Forms/Applications:

Project Form

4-H Projects Forms/Applications:

Shooting Sports-

Fair Related

Fair Related Forms/Applications:

State Fair:

Colorado State Fair Website

Colorado State Fair Livestock (Facebook Page) Updates & Information

Those wishing to go to state fair for 4-H market livestock need to notify the local extension office in early February to ensure timely completion of the nomination process including DNA submission.

*Nomination is not the same as entry for state fair. Actual entries for the state fair must be completed in additional to nomination forms. Refer to the state fair website for information and procedures.

State Fair-General Exhibits

County & State Related

Awards Form

Foundation App.

Lincoln County 4-H Foundation Forms/Applications:

  • County 4-H Foundation provides reimbursement funding opportunities as funds are available for 4-H events, 4-H senator camp attendance, camps, 4-H contests, and general 4-H projects. Review the application form for specific information and deadlines regarding reimbursement.
  • Citizenship Washington Focus Scholarship- All members 15+ in 4-H age are eligible to fill out the annual application.  This scholarship covers 100% of the costs of the trip for one delegate each year with a portion paid by the State 4-H Foundation. *Funding is subject to annual availability. Final annual details regarding cost coverage and eligibility will be sent out once known. **The application/registration will be through 4H online.
  • Lincoln County 4-H Foundation offers a scholarship for graduating 4-H members. Funding is subject to annual availability. Dates are subject to change.

Livestock Sale App.

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