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4-H News & Updates:

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*The current and past “4-H Newsletters” tab has information and updates concerning 4-H events, deadlines, camps, etc.

*The Facebook page “Lincoln County Colorado Extension” also provides recent updates, additional learning opportunities, news, and forms/applications.

About 4-H

What Is 4-H?

“4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.” 4-H is a non-formal educational program and an organization for all youth without discrimination. It is delivered by Cooperative Extension through more than a 100 public universities. 

What is the purpose of 4-H?

The purpose of 4-H is to enable young people to acquire knowledge, develop life skills, and form attitudes that enable them to become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society.

What are the advantages of being in 4-H?

Young people in 4-H have an opportunity to “learn by doing” to:

  • Develop as an individual.
  • Learn lifelong skills related to each project.
  • Make new friends through 4-H meetings, events, and activities.
  • Work with mentors and volunteers.
  • Develop pride as they learn by doing.
  • Develop leadership skills and the ability to speak before a group.
  • Explore projects that can lead to future careers.

Colorado 4-H

National 4-H

Colorado 4-H Foundation

Parents-Benefits of 4-H

Colorado 4-H Project Areas

Join 4-H

How can I become a 4-H Member?

  1. Check out the below minimum requirements to participate in 4-H in Lincoln County. For questions, please contact the Extension office.
  2. Check out the listing of available clubs and contact the leader to see if that club would be a good fit.
  3. Enroll or Re-enroll in 4H Online by going to Colorado 4H Online. Enrollment Directions-Under “Family Resources” will help you complete the process.  Please check your email (including junk folders) for an email that enrollment is “pending.” *All information areas including signatures and medical releases must be completed.  Members must be enrolled in at least one project per year. Club leaders will then approve members enrollment and it will be sent to the county for final approval of enrollment.
  4. Project Add/Drop Deadline is March 1st. If you do not think you will complete a project or would like to add one, this will be the final date for project changes.
  5. Shootings sports members who participate in that project are required to complete a hunter’s safety certification course by March 1 to be eligible for that project. Members who do not complete the requirement will be dropped from the project for that year.
  6. Fair deadlines-Please see the fair book for deadlines, fees, and requirements.
  7. Each 4-H year runs from October through September of the next year.
  8. Enrollment Deadlines-
    • New Members- January 1st to ensure that members can successfully complete all club activities and enroll for project exhibition at fair.* Enrollment in 4-H is open year round with exhibit limitations.
    • Returning Members-Enrollment deadline is December 1st.
    • Leaders, volunteers, and foundation members-Enrollment deadline is December 1st. *If you do not enroll each year then you will loose your volunteer and additional training status. A new volunteer certification will be required for any subsequent years enrollment as a volunteer.
  9. Fees
    • Enrollment fees are $18/member. Enrollment fees are paid to the club directly. *Fees subject to change each year-please check with your club for verification of current fee.
    • Late fees for re-enrollment is $20/member payable directly to the Extension office. *The $18 regular fee is also required to be paid to the club separately.
    • Shooting Sports members must also pay an additional $25/per enrolled shooting sports discipline to the Extension office.
    • There are no fees for leaders or volunteers.

National 4-H

Lincoln County 4-H minimum eligibility requirements for enrollment in a 4-H Club:

  • Reside or own property in Lincoln County.
  • Attend school in Lincoln County.
  • Live within 10 miles of the Lincoln County line.
  • Must be between ages 8-18 as of December 31st of previous year. *Cloverbuds are ages 5-7.

Minimum Yearly Club & County Requirements:

  • Participate in one demonstration, illustrated talk, or public presentation.
  • Participate in one community service project.
  • Exhibit each project at fair or elsewhere and document.
  • Complete a record book for each project.
  • Pay all required fees (including annual club dues), including late fees where applicable.
  • Complete all additional club level activities.

Lincoln County 4-H Policy & Guidelines


Volunteers are at the heart of the 4-H program. Thousands of dedicated adult and youth volunteers help members each year in many capacities. They help provide leadership, project resources, mentoring, financial support, and other support including working on committees or foundations.  There is always a need for volunteers in the 4-H program and we encourage anyone interested in volunteering to contact the office for more information or to check out the following links. 
*To transport children, directly help with 4-H activities and events, or to chaperone you must be a certified 4-H volunteer.  This helps to ensure the safety of our 4-H member and helps reduce liability for our volunteers.

Colorado 4-H Volunteer Information

Learn More about Volunteering

Lincoln County 4-H Volunteer Opportunities Brochure

Colorado 4-H Foundation

4-H Alumni