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4-H alumni are the representatives of past 4-H membership from all over the United States.  Alumni are a testament to 4-H’s vision of “a world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together as catalysts for positive change.” Former 4-H members can identify many attributes of the program that helped them to become a productive citizen who has leadership and critical thinking skills, understands responsibility, incorporates a healthier lifestyle, and strives to provide service to others.  Even if you’ve never experienced 4-H, we encourage you and former 4-H members to become 4-H alumni.  As a 4-H alumni member you have the opportunity to stay connected to the 4-H program and follow it’s positive impact on youth today. You also are an advocate to promote 4-H at many levels and provide support of current members.   Check out the following resources to see how you can become a 4-H alumni member.

National 4-H Alumni

National 4-H Newsletters

Colorado 4-H Alumni

National 4-H History Preservation Program

The National 4-H History Preservation Program works with the National 4-H program, states, and counties to help preserve history and items regarding the 4-H program.  Their work on such a large scale is to provide a living history of where the 4-H program started to where it is today.  They help to spread the message of 4-H and it’s historical impact at the local and national levels. There is a focus on getting 4-H alumni involved from all around the globe. 4-H is program whose history is deep and many important individuals humble beginnings include the involvement in 4-H program.  The program allows us all to learn the history of the 4-H program and become involved by donating your time, money, artifacts, and verbal history. Please check out their great website and subscribe to their newsletter to learn more.

National 4-H History

4-H History Facebook Page