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4o8c9830The Lincoln County 4-H Foundation is comprised of 4-H volunteers who work to provide monetary support of the Lincoln County 4-H program. They work to solicit donations and awareness of the 4-H through direct support and by engaging in other fundraising opportunities.

The foundation works to provide support on an annual basis to the program by direct support of county activities, educational programs, clubs, scholarships, equipment, etc. The following areas are annually supported by the Foundation:

4-H “Buck”-A certificate provided to winners at the annual fair that can be redeemed for $25 cash or applied to a 4-H educational opportunity such as a showmanship clinic or to attend a 4-H camp at a $50 value.

Camp Scholarships provide the opportunity for 4-H members to receive support to attend various local, state, and national events including sponsorship of 50% of the cost of one county delegate to attend Citizenship Washington Focus Camp in Washington, D.C.

Fair awards and ribbons are highly sponsored by the Foundation thanks to the support of generous donors every year.

Supporting the County Foundation helps to ensure our youth continue to receive support to help make our members lifelong productive citizens.

Foundation Members: 

-Jodi Hilferty
-Chris Stone
-Troy McCue
-Paula Parker
-Cindy Frasier
-Andrea Anderson
-Cheryl Thompson
-Rhonda Blackwelder

Contributions may be sent to:
Lincoln County 4-H Foundation
PO Box 68
Hugo, CO 80821
*Please include your complete contact information (including mailing address and phone).

The Lincoln County 4-H Foundation is 501(c)(3). See W-9 for tax identification information. *Contributions may be tax deductible depending on your personal tax situation. Please consult your tax adviser for complete information about deducting your contribution.