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4-H/FFA Livestock Sale Buyers-Thank You!

Thank you to all of our 2019 4-H/FFA Lincoln County Fair Junior Livestock Sale Buyers!!!!

We appreciate your support of the county’s youth and their livestock projects!!!!

Special Thanks:
-Northern Ag (NorAg) & Witt Boys Napa for sponsoring the BBQ tent
-Mustache Enterprises Catering (Kevin Brown)-Buyers BBQ
-Auctioneers- Denny Flock (Burlington Livestock Exchange); Chris Miller (Calhan Auction Market), and John Campbell (Winter Livestock)
-Sale Clerks and Sale Volunteers
-Livestock Sale Committee

list sale buyers.19

picture of pig at sale picture of goat at sale picture of goat 2 at sale picture of steer at sale picture of steer 2 at sale

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