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2020 Club Chartering Information-Due August 17!

2020 Club Chartering Documents are now available for clubs to start working on. Deadline for submission is August 17!

Lincoln County Chartered 4-H Clubs/Foundation Charter Procedures: (**Due August 17**)

  1. Fill out the “Club Chartering Event Worksheet”-> *This is the 4H Online application page that information is needed on for each club.
  2. Please indicate “Total Gross Income” Taken in for the year (*This is before expenses were taken out for the year)- can be on a separate sheet or in the email.
  3.  The Constitution and Bylaws template document was updated by the IRS and state again this year. All Bylaws must be formatted into the updated bylaws template document. Each chartered clubs’ bylaws Must contain Articles 1, 9, & 10 (word for word with no additions or subtractions) from the state template. Bylaws must be signed by the current year signers as indicated on the form.
  4.  4-H Club Financial Report (Ensure that “beginning balance” is the ending balances from last year’s charter documents
  5.  June Bank Statement (Provide a copy of the complete bank statement) for all bank accounts.
  6. Annual Review: 4-H Club Group Funds
  7. 4-H Club/Group Assets
  8. Budget
  9. Annual Plan
  10. Affirmative Action Sheet
  11. Copy of the check register for the entire year including last year’s ending balance.

*Please make sure that the correct officers/leaders sign the required pages and the signatures of signers are the same for all pages. (Electronic signatures are acceptable for all documents).  All signers on accounts must be currently enrolled/approved volunteers and/or 4-H members.

*Ensure the EIN is matching on all documents as well.

Other Club Financial Information from the State Office:

  1. A reminder that 4-H Clubs may not have debit cards.
  2. “Excess Funds” –Clubs with fund balances over and above 1 years’ worth of normal expenses are being asked to provide a plan of use for those funds.


State 4-H Website Charter Documents/Resources:

Combined Fillable PDF with all docs. (with Club bank account Form):

Lincoln County Website: Leaders Page, Chartering Tab:


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