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2018 Lincoln County Fair Results- Dairy Cattle & Goat

Dairy Cattle & Goat Show

Junior Yearling Heifer
1st – Aubrey Lindt
2nd – Cyril Rush
3rd – Aubrey Lindt
Holstein Division Champion – Aubrey Lindt
Holstein Division Res Champion – Cyril Rush

Junior Heifer Calf
1st Kayla Schier

Senior Heifer Calf
1st – Jenna Schier

Junior Yearling Heifer
1st – Kayla Schier

Cow 2 years old
1st – Isabelle Schier
Jersey Division Champion – Isabelle Schier
Jersey Division Res. Championd – Jenna Schier

Any Other Breed
Mature Cow
1st – Gracie Clark

Any Other Breed Division Champion – Gracie Clark
Champion Dairy – Isabelle Schier
Reserve Champion Dairy – Jenna Schier

Cattle Showmanship
1st – Kayla Shier
2nd – Aubrey Lindt

1st – Elizabeth Schier
2nd – Gracie Clark

1st – Isabelle Schier
2nd – Jenna Schier

Champion Senior Showmanship – Kayla Schier
Res Champion Senior Showmanship – Aubrey Lindt

Champion Intermediate Showmanship – Elizabeth Schier
Res Champion Intermediate Showmanship – Gracie Clark

Champion Junior Showmanship – Isabelle Schier
Res Champion Junior Showmanship – Jenna Schier

       4-H/FFA Dairy Goat

Does 3 years & under 5
1st – Gracie Clark
2nd – Gracie Clark

Champion Dairy Goat – Gracie Clark
Reserve Champion Dairy Goat – Gracie Clark

Showmanship – Intermediate
1st – Gracie Clark
Champion Interiate Showmanshipt – Gracie Clark

Dairy Show Dairy Show Dairy Show Dairy Show Dairy Show Dairy Show Dairy Show Dairy Show Dairy Show

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