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Volunteering comes in all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. The opportunities to volunteer with Extension at the county, state, and national level are abundant.  Colorado State University Extension relies heavily on volunteers to help implement and successfully run many of it’s extension programs.  

The partnership between individuals in the community and the Extension Service provides cross learning opportunities and the ability to help others gain access to resources in a variety of venues.  Volunteering can include participating on advisory councils in both 4-H and general extension, partnering with agricultural producers and businesses to lasting partnerships involving research, marketing, design, and project collaboration.  Volunteering also might be getting involved in community development or becoming a Master Gardner.  We encourage you to check out the following link to see how you can become a volunteer through Extension.   

Extension Volunteer Opportunities


Dr. Leesa McCue volunteering her time at the annual Farm Safety Day!

Amy & John helping with livestock weigh-in at fair.

Amy & John helping with livestock weigh-in at fair.