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Extension & 4-H Equipment Available for Use/Rent


Portable (Goat, Sheep, & Swine) Scale 

WW Paul Scale 58SX 500

Scale Capacity- 500lbs Total

The scale is available at the extension office on a first come, first serve basis.


Terms of Usage:

  • Non 4-H/FFA members may rent the scale for $25/per day. 
  • 4-H/FFA members may use the scale for free, but still must abide by deposit, return, and use policies. 
  • A $50 deposit is required and an equipment check-out sheet must be completed.
  • The scale must be disinfected according to the “Disinfectant Protocol Sheet” before it is returned to the office.
  • A $50 late fee will apply if the scale is not returned on time.
  • Scale Instruction Sheet